Saturday, 6 August 2011

DIY: Hanging Framed Poetry

 After finding a couple of empty white frames (I think they actually might have something to do with curtains but anyway) I knew that I wanted to make something with them. And then I found a really old poetry textbook that used to belonged to my Mom. That's when I came up with idea for framed poems.They're really easy to make and I think they are a pretty cool alternative to the posters and magazine clippings you so often see in student housing decor.

I started by looking through the book and picking out my favourite poems. I chose 'Golden Slumbers' by Thomas Dekker, 'Sonnet 116' by Shakespeare, and 'I Love All Beauteous Things' by Robert Bridges.

 I carefully cut out the pages I needed. If you don't have a book, you can just as easily print poems you like from the internet. Or maybe you'd rather use a script of your favourite film, or a picture book from your childhood that you never look at but don't want to throw out.  

Next, since I wasn't using real picture frames, I taped the poems to the back of the frames. I trimmed the edges to make sure you couldn't see anything sticking out in the front view.
I recycled some black ribbon from a gift bag, and made them into little bows. I cut the thicker polka-dot ribbon down the middle to make the hanger (or whatever you call it!).

Using a hot glue gun, I glued the bow to the polkadot ribbon, and attached it to the back of my frames with tape. Finally, I used some of the leftover ribbon to cover the heads of three push pins, which I then used to attach the poems to the wall. 

 And there you have it! An easy little DIY project made completely out of bits and bobs I found around the house.  I'm excited to put them up in my new apartment!


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  2. Hi I found your blog from the forums, through your post "Dresser Makeover" which I thought was awesome by the way!

    I saw these frames on here and had to comment. What a brilliant idea! Poems in frames, I'll have to try it. They looks so good!


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  4. Thanks so much for the lovely feedback! :)